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Lizzi Webb - The Pilates Way Teacher

Lizzi Webb is one of the most formally qualified and experienced Pilates teachers in the Northern Territory with over a decade  of teaching and more than 10,000+ hours under her belt in specialised Pilates studios, physiotherapy clinics and corporate environments in Australia and overseas. She initially began Pilates in Sydney in 1999 to complement her dance studies. Training in both mat and equipment based repertoire she found the core principles of the Pilates method aligned beautifully with those of dance to enhance technique and performance. It also proved to be a successful measure for injury prevention.

Professional Values

Lizzi has a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction (2009) from one of Australia's leading Pilates institutions Pilates International Training Centre (PilatesInt) and a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science (2021, Charles Darwin University). She is a level 4 member of Australian Pilates Method Association (APMA, national peak body for professional Pilates industry) for which she is required to maintain high professional standards and undertake ongoing skills development through accredited courses and workshops. She was an APMA Council member in 2020 and a member of the APMA Advocacy Subcommittee


Lizzi has taught Pilates full-time since completing her teacher training and has worked in specialised studios, physiotherapy practices and corporate environments, for both fitness and rehabilitation across Australia and overseas. Lizzi also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Dance) and a Graduate Certificate in Arts and Entertainment Management.


Having taught in a number of different environments and context’s Lizzi has come to appreciate the diversity of people that come into Pilates. In her teaching Lizzi aims to address the different goals of each client, whether it’s rehabilitation from injury or physical conditioning for an athlete. No two people are the same and neither are their bodies and it is this challenge that keeps Lizzi constantly intrigued in her work. Using the fundamental principles of Pilates as a baseline Lizzi works with each individual client to identify personal ‘Pilates goals’ and develop strategies to achieve them.

In Each Session Lizzi Aims To:

  • Create a personal and positive experience

  • Focus and inform the mind and body in order to achieve identified goals

  • Help clients develop new skills and physical awareness that can be actively applied not only in Pilates practice but in daily life as well.

Education & Training Qualifications:


Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science

Charles Darwin University, NT (2021)


Graduate Certificate in Arts & Entertainment Management

Deakin University, VIC (2011)

Awarded: George Fairfax Fellowship Award & Deans Merit List (Post-Graduate)


Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction

Pilates International Training Centre, Sydney, NSW (2009)


Bachelor of Arts (Dance)

University of Western Sydney, Sydney, NSW (2001)


Professional Associations

Australian Pilates Method Association - Level 4


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