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CHRISTMAS OPENING HOURS 2020: The Pilates Way will be be closed from 25 Dec 20 - 12 Jan 21. We will be open for bookings from Weds, 13 Jan 21. Look forward to seeing you in the studio in the new year!

  • Studio Pilates and Home Program availability and pricing

  • Onsite Pilates availability and pricing

  • Payment Options

  • Private Health Rebates

Studio Pilates Sessions - Malak, NT

Private (1:1) and duet (2:1) sessions are available with Lizzi in her private studio in Malak (Darwin, NT). Lizzi is also available for onsite Pilates mat classes. Bookings are essential.  For more information on what to expect in a studio session see Studio Pilates.


Studio Pilates Sessions Times 








Monday                 8:30am – 1:30pm & 4:00pm - 9:00pm

Tuesday                6:30am – 3:30pm

Wednesday           6:30am – 1:30pm & 4:00pm - 9:00pm

Thursday              6:30am – 3:30pm

Friday                   restricted availability on request

Saturday              9:00am - 5:00pm           

Sunday                 restricted availability on request

*Times are subject to availability, other times may be available upon request.

Studio Pilates Fees



Initial Consultation (1-1.5hrs)              $295.00 (value $350)

+ 3 x 1-hr Private sessions *, **


+ 5 x 30-min Private sessions *, **      


* 8 Week expiry applies 

** Offer for new clients only, 1 per client.




Initial Consultation   (1.25 - 1.5hrs)      $100.00


Private Sessions  (1 person) 

1-hour 1:1 sessions

1x session                                                 $80.00

5 x Private Session (prepaid)                  $375.00 ($75 per session)

10 x Private Session (prepaid)                $700.00 ($70 per session)

30-mins 1:1 sessions

30-min Private session                              $50.00

5 x Private Session (prepaid)                     $225.00  ($45 per session)

10 x Private Session (prepaid)                   $400.00* ($40 per session)


Duet Sessions (2 people)                        Cost per person

*no duet partner required. Participant may be scheduled where an open duet session space is available.


Duet session                                             $50.00

5 x Duet Session (prepaid)                      $225.00  ($45 per session)

10 x Duet Session (prepaid)                    $400.00* ($40 per session)

*5 x session expiry 4 months, 10 x session expiry 6 month


Trio(+) Sessions (3-4 people)

* available for family members or close associates only

Please contact the Pilates Way for more information.

Home Program Pilates Package



    #1   Initial consultation (1-1.5hrs)

           + 2 X PRIVATE PILATES  Matwork sessions (1hr ea)               $195   


    #2   Initial Consultation  (1-1.5) 

           + 4 x PRIVATE PILATES  Matwork sessions (1hr ea)                $295     




Sessions take place at the Pilates Way studio in Malak, please see Studio times above for Home Program session availability.


*Expiry 5-10 week the following purchase unless otherwise confirmed.

Onsite Pilates - Matwork 

Pilates training sessions and classes are available for private small group sessions and larger group classes. For more information on Pilates in your workplace see Onsite Pilates. Bookings are essential.


Onsite Pilates Availability


Onsite Pilates sessions/classes are during work hours and can be booked at a time to suit you and your team, depending on availability of instructor.


Onsite Pilates Fees - Maximum 15 people per class/ session (1hr)


1 hour class                                           $100.00

2 consecutive classes                           $170.00

3 consecutive hours                              $210.00


Maximum of 15 people per class/session

*Discounts may apply for non-profit or charity organisations or community groups. Please contact Lizzi for more information.


Payment Options

  • Fees can be paid in cash, bank transfer* or by card**

                         * Account details: E Webb BSB: 014679 ACC: 451166667

                         ** Visa, MasterCard or American Express, 1.9% additional fee applies

  • Fees are payable at or before appointment, unless otherwise pre-arranged

  • All sessions/classes may be eligible for private health rebate until April 2019

The Pilates Way maintains a 24 Hour Cancellation Policy - Please be advised that fee's may apply for cancellations made less than 24-hour before an appointment.


Private Health Insurance Rebates


Private Health Cover for Pilates instruction by registered instructors was removed in Australia in April 2019.  Unfortunately no rebates are available for Pilates sessions.

Gift Vouchers Available

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