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Onsite Pilates

Bring the Benefits of Pilates To Your Work Place!

  • Can't find time to leave the work in the working week for exercise?

  • Like to enhance the vitality and health of your employees?

  • Looking for a positive team building exercise activity in the workplace?

The Pilates Way offers pilates matwork classes onsite - the teacher comes to you








  • Group participants must bring an exercise mat or a towel. For private/small groups Lizzi can provide them.

  • An clear and safe area with sufficient space for each participant must be provided by the workplace for all Corporate Pilates sessions/classes.

  • Participant should wear clothes appropriate to move in and socks are recommended

  • Group sessions/classes are primary lying on the floor with an exercise mat. To avoid injury or discomfort partipants must be able to physically get up and down from the floor. Private or studio sessions are recommended for those who are not able to do so without significant discomfort or pain.



See Times and Prices for schedules and fee information or Contact  Lizzi Webb to book.

Discounts may be available for non-profit or charity organisation.  Please contact Lizzi for more information.




One of the beauties of the Pilates Matwork repertoire is it portable, requires little space and no special equipment. It can be practiced just about anywhere. In fact Lizzi has done it on a moving sleeper train through Europe. Onsite Pilates will bring the benefits of Pilates to you, without interrupting a busy schedule or need for travel time. Programs cater to the needs and availability of you and/or your team and workplace.


'Sitting is the New Smoking' - In corporate environments particarly more and more people are suffering from aches and pains from working at desks on computers for long periods of time. Not only does this encourage a sedintary lifestyle but contributes to many physical complaints such as back pain, shoulder tightness, headaches, hip pain, muscle and joint stiffness and poor posture. If appropriate a corporate pilates progam will focus specifically on 'desk-bound' problem areas.


OFFICE PILATES - 1:1 Private sessions

 100% instructor attention, fully individualised programming. Minimal space required.


MEETING ROOM PILATES - Small (2-6) groups

 Slightly lower instructor attention per participant than private classes but capacity for some individualised programs and modifications/progressions depending on participants. Enough space to fit up to 4 exercise mats is required.


BOARD ROOM PILATES - Larger group  classes (up to 12)*

Generic class starting at appropriate level with advancement depending on average group progression. Different level options of exercises provided and some individual modifications of exercises can be given as needed. Sufficient space for number of exercise mats (per person) required.


*please be advised that groups larger than 12 will require 2 instructors, and incur additional charges.



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