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The Studio

The Pilates Way studio is situated in Malak, 15 minutes from Darwin, 5 minutes from Casuarina and 15 minutes from Palmerston in the tropical Top End of the Northern Territory, Australia. The studio offers private (1:1) and duet (2:1) Pilates training sessions in a professional and private studio setting.




















100% Instructor Attention with No Distractions


With full instructor attention, there are no distractions often found in group classes, The Pilates Way private training studio allows clients to relax and completely focus their minds and bodies, maximise the progress and benefit of each session, and reach their specific 'Pilates goals' sooner.



World Class Equipment




The Pilates Way is equipped with the with some of the world's leading professional Pilates machines (reformer, tower, wunda chair, core align) as well as numerous small apparatus and other props.


Joseph Pilates initially developed his machines from hospital beds for the bedridden and later continued his repertoire and creations to work with leading ballet dancers. His equipment is designed to cater for physically limited all the way  up to the elite of the worlds professional trained dancers, as a result his method and his machines allow for very specific programming for individual capabilities, fitness levels, ages and goals.




Private and duet sessions are available at the Pilates Way studio. These sessions work with specialised Pilates machines and apparatas to facilitate correct alignment and movement, assist and/or increase challenge of exercises. Studio pilates is suitable for all ages, fitness levels and caters to all physical capabilities.


  • Learn correct Pilates Method technique and fundamentals

  • Improve core stability, strength and flexibility

  • Improve posture

  • Improve understanding of pilates and build confidence in group pilates classes

  • Enhance other exercise and movement activities

  • Alleviate discomfort from aches and pains eg back pain, stiffness, headaches

  • Increase fitness and tone

  • Improve mental and physical wellbeing


See Studio Pilates for more information on studio pilates sessions.

Concentration  .  Control  .  Centring  .  Precision  .  Flow  .  Breath

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