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 Pilates Home Program - the benefits of Pilates, anywhere , any time!

In 2006 I took myself through a Pilates session on a sleeper train travelling from Paris to Madrid! (Lizzi Webb)



So, you have been told by your friends, your doctor, physiotherapist or chiropractor, or even your surgeon that Pilates would be good for you! But you:

  • do not have time to join group Pilates classes, ‘I only have 10 minutes, if that’

  • have injuries or conditions and are concerned exercises may not be appropriate for you

  • prefer to do exercises in the comfort of your own home but want sure you are doing them properly

  • travel a lot and need something you can do anywhere

  • cannot currently afford ongoing studio equipment fees but need individual advice and guidance

  • would like something to complement the exercise/s you are already doing


Good news!

The Pilates Way can provide you with a home program to practice the Pilates method mat work (or equipment if you have it) prescribed to your specific needs, your body and your goals. The number of exercises ranges between 4 to 14 depending on what you, your body and your lifestyle needs.

Lizzi Webb, the Pilates Way instructor has 15 years+ experience in specialised Pilates studios and physio therapy clinics across Australia and overseas and will:

  • prescribe an appropriate Pilates exercise program, including regressions and progressions of exercises and information on when to use them

  • prescribe a program catered to your lifestyle schedule and needs

  • ensure you know how to perform each exercise correctly

  • provide materials with details of the exercise

  • video the exercises on your own phone, iPad or other device for you to refer to


Depending on your need’s programs may take 10 minutes, 30 minutes or an hour! It depends on your body, your lifestyle, your time and your budget …. what will work for you!


Home Mat Pilates Program

Learn a Pilates Matwork routine specifically prescribed to the needs of your individual body and lifestyle!

NEW CLIENTS - Introductory 'Home Pilates' Package 

1 x Initial Consultation (1 hour)

+ 2 x 60 minutes private sessions or + 3 x 35 minute private sessions

$260.00  (package type depending on length of program needed)



1 x Private session (1 hour) - basic home program provided $95.00 

Additional 1 hour sessions to review and progress program $90.00


Initial consultation

  • Physical history and background

  • Establish goals, physical capabilities (e.g. posture, muscles strengths/weaknesses, functional/performance tasks)

  • Identify the needs and demands of your lifestyle (eg schedule) and how a Pilates program would best fit into your life

  • Introduce/review key Pilates fundamental principles and exercises

  • Pilates planning and programming for your specific way forward.


Following Sessions (Private)

  • Learn and master a home Pilates program prescribed to your specific needs,  goals, time and budget.

  • Learn adaptable progressions and regressions of each exercise and how to recognise when to apply them to your Pilates practice on your body on a given day

  • Achieve physical awareness and confidence to practice the Pilates method in your home in a way that is catered to your individual needs and goals e.g. core strength, flexibility

  • Gain confidence to join group classes (if appropriate) and be able to safely apply modifications if needed.

  • Number of sessions may be catered to need of client

  • Video exercises on your phone, taught specifically to you

  • Written program provided

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