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Pilates in the Press

We think Pilates can be beneficial to everyone. Here are some others that think so too!

Pilates - You've Been Encouraged to Try it, but Where Do You Start?, Top Ender, Tri-Services Magazine, ed October/November [p55}, October 2022 (link),  

Is Pilates as Good as Everyone Says?, New York Times, July 2022 (link)

Which specific modes of exercise training are most effective for treating low back pain? Network meta-analysis, British Journal of Sports Medicine, October 2019 (link)


How spiritual Pilates teacher helped Fyfe to second Brownlow win, AFL News, September 2019 (link)

The science of Pilates: Research update, IDEA Health & Fitness Association, August 2019 (link)

Fit in my 40s: I hated Pilates the first time I tried it. Now I’ve had an epiphany, The Guardian, September 2019 (link)

The 100-year history of Pilates: from niche workout to global fitness phenomenon, Vogue, July 2019 (link)

Effectiveness of the Pilates method in the treatment of chronic mechanical neck pain: a randomized controlled trialArchives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, September 2018, (link)


Is Pilates an effective rehabilitation tool? A systematic review, Journal of Bodywork and Therapies, January 2018, (link)

Kokkinakis turns to Pilates ahead of Hopman Cup, Tennis Australia, December 2017,(link)

James Segeyaro turns to Pilates to rescue his season, Sydney Morning Herald, July 2017, (link)

Here are the health benefits of Pilates, TIME, February 2017, (link)

Equipment-based Pilates reduces work-related chronic low back pain and disability: A pilot study (abstract), Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies 20:1, January 2016, (link)

The effect of 12-week Pilates exercises on wellness in the elderly

Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation, 12(2),  April 2016 (link)


Age no barrier to the benefits of Pilates, University of Tasmania, October 2016


Wounded warriors”: Royal Danish Ballet dancers train repatriated wounded soldiers in Pilates, Arts & Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice, 7:2, January 2015, (link)

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Hard corps - pilates is the essential workout for ballet dancers, The Australian, November 2015, (link)

Pilates: More than posturing, Sydney Morning Herald, March 2013, (link)

Pilates: What is it? Should it be used in Rehabilitation?, Sports Health 3:4, August 2011 (link)

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